Effektiv Rekruttering’s recruitment process is both professional and targeted.

Upon entering into an agreement with us on recruitment for a vacancy, we initiate a recruitment process with the following steps:

Task descriptions/Job analysis

We develop a job description based on the task descriptions/job analysis, which features the desired criteria for the new employee’s professional background, qualities and qualifications. Once you have approved the job description, we proceed to the next step: Search and Selection.

Search and Selection

In order to find the perfect candidate, we utilise several channels:

  • Search: Identifying appropriate candidates via CV databases, LinkedIn and our extensive network. We discuss the position with prospective candidates and encourage them to apply.
  • Selection: Picking suitable candidates who apply via our website, job portals and newspaper job advertisements.


Phone screening

We continuously review incoming applications and CVs. Candidates are screened through phone interviews, and successful candidates are invited for a first interview. The purpose of the interview is to determine whether the candidate has the right professional and personal qualities for the job.

Personal interview

During the interview, the applicant will also be provided with more details about the position and get the opportunity to ask questions about it.

All candidates will be asked to complete a PI Learning Indicator test to assess their cognitive abilities and potential for development.

1. First presentation

Once we have identified the top 3-5 candidates, we will present them to you in a ranked list with a short description of their suitability for the role and their CVs.

We will arrange a presentation of each candidate who moves on to the second presentation. Approximately 1 hour will be dedicated to each candidate.

2. Second presentation

The candidates who are selected to proceed to the next stage will be asked to complete a personality test prior to the second presentation. At this stage, candidates may also be asked to complete a mock assignment (if the employer has arranged one).

Once the potential candidate has been selected, we carry out a reference check to confirm our impression of the candidate.

Wrap-up of the recruitment process

Once a successful candidate has been identified and he/she has accepted the position, we will contact and send rejection letters to the unsuccessful applicants.


We will follow up on how things are proceeding with your new employee 6-8 weeks after they have begun work.

Effektiv og professionel rekruttering

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