Tests are never used as the sole basis for assessing an applicant’s suitability for a vacant position.

However, studies show that using multiple tests in connection with recruitment results in better-performing candidates:

  • In 2015, Harvard Business Review presented a study on correlations that exist between different recruitment tools and the candidates’ job performance.
  • 1,000 HR managers, with an average work experience of 14 years, provided data to the study.
  • The findings were both surprising and thought-provoking.
  • IQ tests are good assessment tools, but the best results (highest correlation) were achieved when combined with personality tests (i.e. multiple testing).

We mainly use 2 types of tests: Personality tests and cognitive (IQ) tests:

Personality tests:

  • Our tests include KP Explorer and KP 360 among others, all of which have been developed by Kjerulff & Partnere, a Danish occupational psychology firm with over 20 years’ experience in this area.
  • KP Explorer - A solid, all-round personality test which we use to complement our personal assessment. We also use it in connection with our outplacement service as a tool for development.

The test measures 14 different personality aspects and consists of 86 questions. The test must be completed online and typically takes between 10-15 minutes.


The test provides useful and detailed results on a person’s strengths and areas of improvement in the following key areas:

Approach to personal interaction

Situational awareness - Empathy - Communication - Adaptability - Sense of humour

Approach to work

Problem orientation - Independence - Ability to cope with stress - Intuition

Approach to leadership and collaboration

Clout - Visibility - Goal orientation - Delegation - Action orientation


Cognitive (IQ) tests:

  • The Predictive Index Learning Indicator measures a person’s ability to absorb and retain information, adapt to changing conditions and requirements, solve tasks and process complex information.

The PILI test consists of 50 questions, where one has to answer as many of the questions as possible within 12 minutes. The questions fall under three categories: Verbal, numerical and abstract.


  • The BOMAT test, which is a comprehensive IQ test revolves around a person’s capacity for abstract thinking.


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